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Many times Kobe Bryant Jersey , we are so conditioned in how we speak that we do not realize whether or not we are effectively communicating with our teens. This is especially true when they upset us.

To ensure that you are fostering an environment that will encourage your teenager to talk to you, as opposed to fearing you, the first step is to evaluate your communication style. How you express yourself and what you say to your teens, especially when you are angry Los Angeles Lakers Jersey , can inhibit your relationship with them. Reacting by shouting short sarcastic phrases will usually turn off most people, including our teenagers.

The following are twelve examples of statements and questions that you should avoid saying:

1. When I was your age

2. What part of the word "NO" don't you understand

3. Because I said so

4. Who pays the mortgage around here?

5. You're NOT going out dressed like that

6. What do you see in him, you can do better

7. You kids have it so easy today

8. I didn't say that

9. You live under my roof, you live by my rules

10. Are you PMSing?

11. When are you going to grow up?

12. This conversation is over


Think through the things that you say that are similar to the above Tobias Harris Jersey , and create a list. Then, meet with your teen and ask her for her input. Explain that you are doing this because you love her and want her to trust you and to not fear coming to you to discuss things that are important to her. Go over the list and then ask your teen to add any statements that you may have missed. For example, you can say, ?Tell me the things that I say to you that you feel are hurtful; or prevent you from wanting to talk to me about important issues.? Add them to the list and make a mental note of them. Then Louis Williams Jersey , ask your teen to tell you when you react to her behavior and use any of those phrases. Stress that improved communications is a 'two way street? and you are going to do your part to make things better. Then add that you also expect her to do her part, as it will take both your efforts to improve communications.

What to do

Remember to have a 'thick skin? and thank her for her feedback when she provides it ? even if you are angry. The best way to change this reactionary behavior is to try and think before you react, and talk more constructively to your teenager. Think of how you would have to react at work if a subordinate or coworker did something to upset you. As angry as you might be, you would strive to act professional because your job depended on it. If you do react and your daughter brings it to your attention Avery Bradley Jersey , thank her and then discuss the issue more constructively because your relationship depends on it.

You also need to set guidelines with your teen, instead of making rigid rules that will alienate her and create a vicious cycle of poor communicating and hard feelings.

Unilateral disarmament is the first step in demonstrating to your teen that you are serious about improving communications with her. When you lead by example, you are establishing the foundation and setting your expectations. This works better that a 'do as I say, not as I do!? reactionary approach which causes your teen to be more rebellious.

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How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Celebrity Endorsements Marketing Articles | March 25, 2010
Let's assume all the hard work you poured into getting your company's products or services into the right celebrity's hands has paid off. Let's suppose you received a thank you note from Heidi Klum ...

Let's assume all the hard work you poured into getting your company's products or services into the right celebrity's hands has paid off. Let's suppose you received a thank you note from Heidi Klum and Seal for the weekend spa getaway you sent them certificates for. Let's suppose you saw a picture of Rihanna wearing the dress you sent her. Do all these mean your marketing work is done?

The answer is no. All these direct or indirect forms of celebrity endorsements are well and good, but they will not help your product or service whatsoever unless you get the media to sit up and take notice. So, how do you leverage the celebrity endorsements you receive directly or indirectly? How do you use it to get your product or service media coverage and bring in sales?

First and most importantly Blake Griffin Jersey , you must inform the press. Once you have some form of proof that the stars you sent your product or service to have used them and enjoyed them, tell the press! Whether the celebrity endorsement you receive is in the form of a phone call, a photograph, or a thank you note Chris Paul Jersey , it is in your best interest to let the press know. You do this not by calling up every reporter in the phonebook but by sending out a targeted press release via email. This electronic press release is what insiders call an e-blast. It is nothing like the press release you read online.

?????? It is short.

?????? It is informative.

?????? It is concisely written.

?????? It can contain an image of the celebrity wearing or using your product.

You will be sending your e-blast to all the newspaper and magazine editors or segment producers whose contact information you have access to. In a nutshell, an e-blast can help generate all the media attention you need to publicize your celebrity endorsements.

Your email blast's subject line should be both direct and enticing. Make it as short as you can and make sure you use a celebrity's name. The celebrity's name is enough to whet reporters, producers, and editors' appetites for more details once they open the email. For example Los Angeles Clippers Jersey , you can write in the subject line, "Heidi Klum likes her cupcakes double chocolate!" Then, in the Header in the body of the e-blast, you c. Cheap Air Max Cheap Air Max 90 Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes Wholesale Air Max Wholesale Air Max Shoes Cheap Air Max Kids Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale Air Max Outlet Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Cheap Jerseys

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